Your success, ultimately, is our success.

Dermal Revolution offers a new type of relationship between filler supplier and filler user which, in turn, supports the patient-practitioner relationship.

At Dermal Revolution, we treat your patients as if they were our own, offering several ways to better their experience in terms of satisfaction and safety. Your success, ultimately, is our success.
We are pleased to have the approval of Hamilton Fraser and Cosmetic Insure for our Hyaluronic acid product and are looking forward to you trying it out for yourself!

Note that our prices are discounted for larger volumes (visit Dermal Revolution Collection to shop) and that Dermal Revolution typically has at least 18 months shelf-life.

 Ideal for cheeks, nasolabial folds and marionette lines, this product provides a lift which will last 9-12 months.

This product is also CE marked & manufactured under ISO standards.

The Benefits: 

- improved facial contour

- reduction of stubborn extended crows’ feet

- treatment of nasolabial lines AT SOURCE

- improvement in the jawline if it has been affected by sagging

What age demographic benefits best? 

My younger clients enjoy having improved facial contours whilst my older clients benefit from all of the above.

Which Product?

A big issue with cheek filler amongst certain clientele is the fact that cheek augmentation typically requires 1ml bilaterally to achieve significant results. Furthermore, as it is typically a deeper product that is used for this treatment, the product cost is often significantly higher than that of the less viscous versions within the same product lines. I found it difficult to sell 2ml of cheek filler to a client whenever I was charging twice what i’d charge them for lips for example. But now i’m using Dermal Revolution (DEEP), a product i’ve developed initially for my own use, things are different. Using Dermal Revolution, i’m able to increase my profit per treatment whilst also reducing my price by heavily discounting a second ml filler whenever used for cheeks.

Which Technique?

There are various options when it comes to cheek augmentation; in terms of both injection technique AND product choice. Take a look at the technique I have adopted when using Dermal Revolution (DEEP). The important thing to remember when delivering this treatment is that whilst usually hyaluronic acid is used to augment SOFT TISSUE, cheek filler involves augmentation of the bone- specifically the zygomatic arch. Some practitioners will augment anterior to the zygomatic arch but my preference is to focus on the arch itself as a safer and more aesthetically pleasing option. The technique involves depositing hyaluronic acid gel on the periosteum of the zygoma.


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