Spring – the weather may not look like it yet, but we’re anticipating the new season!

With Spring, the word ‘glow’ comes to mind – there is a certain radiance about the season, brighter colours, warmer weather and longer days.

Here’s the question though – what about helping patients find their glow?

You can bet when your patients seek treatment, part of the motivation is to maintain or claim back their ‘youthfulness’.
We can all agree a person’s smile is definitely key when it comes to having that all important ‘youthful glow’.
Nasolabial Folds and Marionette Lines are an increasingly popular area for filler treatment and if done right, the result can instantly give the patient that ‘glowing’ effect that they are most likely after.
Dr Michael Aicken (DR Founder) wrote an article on this very topic for the Aesthetics Journal, outlining the cause of Nasolabial Folds and Marionette Lines and how best to treat.
He says –

Think of the nasolabial or marrionette lines as a comet, with the top end, where we administer bolus injections as the ‘head’ of the comet and the rest of the lines where we use linear injections, as the ‘tail’ of the comet.”

Read the full article below:


“Dermal Revolution (DEEP) is a great option for treating nasolabial and marionette lines and folds. It can be used for bolus injections (where volume loss requires replacement), as well as cross-hatching (when some lift is needed) and deep linear injections with marionette or nasolabial lines.” – Dr Michael Aicken
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Example of effective treatment: