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It’s all about the waiting room conversations.

I prep our lovely clients for treatments within our clinics and I can tell you, the chats that I get involved with in the waiting room are great.

I love women and I love a good chat.

A few years ago I started to get bombarded with questions about preserving the skin in the décolletage area…

This is the area in the centre of the chest, which tends to get fine little vertical lines. There are a few weird and probably many wonderful treatments out there but to be honest, we didn’t really know what they were and my husband, Dr Mike, wasn’t wanting to get involved with injecting womens’ cleavages. He just wasn’t inspired to work in these more private regions and we were never convinced that the results were good enough from what we had seen from others’ work.

I was frustrated.

I remember a sad conversation I had with a client in London who expressed disappointment that she didn’t feel comfortable wearing a scoop or V-neck top anymore from day-to-day, never mind at Christmas parties.

This was all because her skin on her chest had lost its elasticity and had been replaced by a loose, crinkled, crepe-paper texture. In her consultation I learned that she wasn’t overly concerned with her looks and had a healthy confidence in her appearance. As much as I believe it’s important that we don’t gain our self-esteem from our appearance, I felt for her, and she was only in her late 40’s.

The truth is –

I really enjoy and appreciate the smooth skin that I have in this area but I have started to notice this beginning to happen to me too. I realised that these lines were created as a result of sleeping on my side where the heaviness of my bust was squashing my chest.

In the mornings i’d look down to a snakeskin texture on my chest. I’d think, “this isn’t a big deal – at worst it’s a bummer“.

I’m not obsessed with my looks and my husband couldn’t care less about those lines and sure, the lines on my (mid) 30s, olive-skinned chest would rejuvenate by lunch time back to pretty much baby skin – I figured, it’s all good in the hood.

So why did I train myself to sleep on my back?

Because in a few years these lines will be there to stay. 

I ridiculously started straining my wrists at night trying to barricade my boobs from squashing together. I realised I must have cared about protecting my fabulous cleavage if I found myself doing this.

I needed to give myself a break and cut the feminist in me some slack because I cared enough to preserve my skin.

I trained myself to sleep on my back for about six months, then summer came which reset this achievement due to sleeping in airplanes and being out of routine. I needed a solution so that I need never again think about this.

Life’s too short to sleep on my back like some sort of robot and I enjoy sleeping way too much!

I started brainstorming a sausage-shaped pillow to rest in between the bust at night but I couldn’t find anything that worked.



A heavy duty layer of sticky silicon is all that’s necessary to keep things in place at night.


Because life’s too short to fuss about such little things –

And so MoonSkin was born.

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Night night ?







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