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Be ‘Clinic Confident’ with Flourish –

the Cosmetic Records App

This App is the perfect addition to your work as a practitioner. It will help you be secure and organised, while watching your clinic #FlourishAndGrow as a

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Testimonials from 3 separate clinic aspects:

Clinic Manager –

“There are a number of factors that appeal to me. The first is the comfort that all clients have seen, understood, and filled in our medical history form and disclaimers. Secondly I know that once these forms have been submitted they can’t be lost or damaged. Finally, the fact that I can see clients’ photos and consultation notes from home means that I can make informed decisions whilst the client is still in the clinic! This has opened my eyes to the very real possibility of another clinic…’.
Kieran (Owner/manager at Blossom).

Nurse –

“It makes the admin side of my job so much easier. I can show clients before and after photos and I can remind them of the journey. People forget how far they’ve come…”
Julia (Nurse at Blossom).

Receptionist –

“I love it because it saves me the embarrassment of handing out scrappy pieces of paper for our clients in fill in. If our clients are spending over £500 on treatments they expect a certain standard of professionalism which Flourish now provides.” Sarah (Receptionist at Blossom).


Your Questions Answered:

Q: Is it secure?

A: Yes. An SSL certificate is in place and all data is encrypted.

Q: Is there a chance that I might lose my data?

A: No. If you forget your password / username, there are all of the usual reset options you’d expect from a web-app. If a server explodes, it’s backed-up in other locations.

Q: Is the data from this app stored on my computer or my clinic server?

A: No, it’s stored off site, encrypted and SSL protected. Relax.

Q: Does it take long to learn how to use this?

A: It depends on your computer-user age. Most people under 40 can figure it out in a few minutes! It has been setup to feel intuitive like all of your other favourite apps. Don’t be afraid to ask though, if it seems complicated.

Q: Will it work on my device?

A: This works on any device with a screen that connects to the internet. It is optimised for the iPad but is commonly used on the iPhone. It also works on computers – the forms include touch-screen signature pads so obviously you’ll need a touch screen in order for that to work!

Q: Is there a user manual?

A: Yes.

Q: How does it work?

A: Add a patient yourself or have patients complete your “new patient” form via a link on your website or via email / text message. Once a “new patient” has been created you can select relevant consent forms to discuss with them and have them sign and also take whichever photos of them you’d like to keep on file. Also, you can record the treatments you have performed; currently these include drop-down menus for toxin and dermal filler but there is also a section called “other treatments” so feel free to add-in whatever else you want here, freehand e.g. laser-tattoo / laser hair removal.












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